Bringing the best American
Home Builders to television
blue prints Builder Lifestyle TV brings the best custom home builders across America to television. We feature builders in a top-of-the-line television show highlighting their work, accomplishments and capabilities. Builder Lifestyle TV works with only the top, most reputable builders looking to broaden their reach through one of the most popular and far-reaching markets: television.
Construction Builder Lifestyle TV markets our clients to a broader base by using high-end visuals combined with the best video production teams across America. Our video production teams use state-of-the art technologies, paired with the creative and technical experience and modern methods producing a show that rivals top home television programs featured on the largest networks.
We are looking for only the best custom home builders across America to create a custom show showcasing everything that makes them number one in their industry and market. This powerful opportunity catapults the reputation, reach and branding of our clients. It is an invaluable platform that brings our select clients into the homes of potential buyers, investors and other industry stakeholders, helping them stay at the top of the custom home builder market.